This guide assists staff in finding the support they need from the Corporate Services by providing direct contact details and relevant web links alongside specific service functions. It has been produced as part of an initiative to make University Corporate Services more accessible to schools and faculties - and indeed to each other.

Using the Guide

Information and contact details for specific services are located by using

  • the A-Z facility, available on the left-hand navigation bar;  click on the appropriate letter to start searching for the information that you require
  • the search facility, above.  This will search the Guide pages only.

Information about each of the Corporate Services, including its location, its Head, central contact details, links to its web pages and a summary of the service provision, is also available via 'Key Contacts and Services' on the navigation bar.  Finally, a glossary of the acronyms used in these pages is provided.

Your help in developing the Guide

This guide is a work in progress. If there is a particular item you are unable to find listed in the A-Z or through the search function, or if any of the information is incorrect, please let us know using the email address The relevant and correct contact details will be found for you and added to the Guide's database. We appreciate your help in making the Guide more comprehensive and useful for everyone.